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Musikmesse 2014

Dear friends,

NBE Corp. will be exhibiting on Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014. Pleas come and visit us at Hall 3.1 booth G88. You can assure yourself personally about the hight quality of our instruments.

More details at:

Doležalovi v NBE

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Před pár dny nás navštívil talentovaný mladý baskytarista Miloš Doležal jr. Přijel spolu se svým otcem, Milošem Dodo Doležalem, aby si vyzvedl svůj narozeninový dárek, konkrétně baskytaru custom model EURO4 LX v matně zelené barvě, s jazz bass snímači EMG a aktivní elektronikou EMG, polepem Spalted Maple a se zlatým Schaller hardwarem.

Miloš Doležal jr. se v současnosti pokouší získat prestižní hudební vzdělání v USA.



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Vážení přátelé,


Je nám ctí Vám oznámit naši účast na veletrhu hudebních nástrojů, příslušenství, zvukové a osvětlovací techniky a jevištních technologií v Praze, v letňanských veletržních halách.



Více informací ZDE!

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Doug Wimbish v NBE

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Bylo nám velkou ctí přivítat PANA BASKYTARYSTU Douga Wimbishe v naší firmě. Dne 18.03.2013, před pražským koncertem, si Doug přijel prohlédnout místo, kde vzniká basa Spector s jeho podpisem. Doug je skvělý člověk, plný energie a bezesporu jeden z nejlepších světových hráčů na basovou kytaru! Fotky z tohoto dne si můžete prohlédnout v naší galerii.

NBE joined Facebook

You can join NBE on new Facebook profile now.


Ned Steinberger visited NBE

Mr.Ned Steinberger has visited our factory in Horovice from March 26 to March 28.Together with our development section Ned has discussed production of new instrument according to Ned's design. Because of Ned's nice guy everything went smooth. What exactly Ned and guys from NBE discussed is still kind of confidential but you can try to find out if you'll take a look into our Multimedia section by click on this link .

NS Design - new product

Our factory is about to manufacture new product designed by music instrument designers guru Ned Steinberger. Which product and when we start, we'll keep this in secret by now. But we can ensure you that it's amazing and it's gonna be HIT!

Get Tune Yourselves

Get your instrument on tune by the help of Jolana Grazioso guitar! The headstock of our beauty is located in right info column. For tuning click on machine head with desired tone. To cancel the sound click MUTE writing.

New CNC machine

NBE Corp. extended CNC centre and bought another Reichenbacher machinetool. Production efficiency has been increased and machine's accuracy ensures top quality of our products.

Product pictures

You can check first upload of NBE product pictures in Photogallery section or by clicking on this. THIS

Pictures of Instruments are taking and uploading continuously on  NBE web.

Start up of new NBE Corp. web page

Dear visitor,

welcome on new web page of NBE Corporation. The reason, why we decided to create new pages is obvious when you take a look on previous. We hope that the current version provides you all infotmation about NBE Corp. and it's products by comfortable and attractive form. The content of some categories is still in progress so please be patient.

The content will be maintaned regularly and you'll be informed up to date about all news regarding NBE Corp. Even for these facts NBE used some resources to buy photographic equipment for ability to take a high quality pictures of our products. These pictures you can find in photogallery and products section.

Report from our production is planed to be prepared in About production section.

Quality of our e-shop shall be increased along with these improvements.

Thank you for understanding and wish you pleasant browsing on new NBE pages !

If you have any comments don't be hasitated to contact our web-managing:

Dear Friends,

NBE Corp. will be exhibiting on Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014. Please come and visit us at hall 3.1
booth G88. You can assure yourself personally about the high quality of our instruments.



Welcome on pages of NBE Corporation which is manufacturer of high quality electric musical instruments for world known labels.


NBE Corporation (New Bohemian Electric Corporation) has been established in 1999. Production of electric string instruments started in Drozdov two years later. NS Design,USA double-basses and bass guitars for Spector were produced at first. New models were put in production and production itself extended. Current manufacturing spaces were not able to cover new requirements and so in year 2006 NBE company bought larger properties. These were reconstructed step by step.

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  Currently the company has 60 employees and produce wide sortiment of high quality music instruments- electric guitars, bass guitars, double-basses, cellos, violins, altos and ukuleles mainly for abroad market. Between our biggest customers belong NS DESIGN, SPECTOR, GEWA, SONOR, TRICOR, WD and THOMANN companies. Also the company is engaged in individual manufacture and for the most exacting customers "NBE Custom shop" is able to prepare instruments made-to-measure according to their own visions. High quality of processing and adjustment is reached by using of traditional manufacturing procedures combined with modern technologies. Number of our employees have longtime experiences (some of them for 30 years) with music instruments manufacture.


NBE company renewed production of traditional Czech labeled guitars JOLANA.


Besides instruments of our production NBE distributes in Czech rep. and some other europe countries products of Spector, NS Design and other labels. Many of our products you can order by cash on delivery straight from warehouse. The others we can deliver to you in reasonable terms.




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